Because I dyed my hair so many times and so many colours, now I took a little pause to take care of my hair.

I use the coconut OGX range.

ogx (1)

📍 Philippines
This tropical icon is famous for its yummy scent and flavor, but a coconut’s protein-packed milk is also natural nourishment for your hair. When it’s extracted from a mature coconut, the milk is a reservoir of antioxidants, a delicious conditioner, a de-tangler and a sweet source of shine.

ogx (2)

ogx (3)

The heavenly dew inside young coconuts is super-hydrating for the body, but it will quench your hair’s thirst, too. Infused with vitamins and potassium, calcium and protein, it is known to leave your hair bouncy, shiny and strong.

ogx (4)

I also use the Argan Oil of Morocco – Extra Penetrating Oil.

argan nut
📍 Morocco
The argan nut is a rare little gem that grows on the argan tree in the beautiful deserts of Morocco. Locals have been using the nut’s oil, liquid gold, as a beauty elixir for centuries. Rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, pure argan oil is a supreme moisturizing agent that doubles as sun protection.

ogx (5)

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